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finding words to old songs

Hi, I'm new to doing things on line so be patient. I'm looking for the original words to a song named Mountain Laurel. I found the video of the version I'm looking for but can' seem to locate the words.

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Mountain Laurel

Chorus: Come away with me tomorrow, Mountain Laurel for I need you
You’re the flower in my heart the flower in my mind
Say you’ll always stand beside me, Mountain Laurel never leave me
Forever be mine

On the banks of a cool, shady river
I made love to a sweet mountain girl
When I begged her to be mine forever
And we’d travel all over the world

Instrumental break (verse chords)

But she said she could never leave the mountain
So we spoke parting words and we cried
And my tears flowed again, like a fountain
When they wrote me and told me she’d died

Chorus twice.

Say you love me, Mountain Laurel never leave me, forever be mine
First few bars of Wildwood Flower to end.

I have not had time to work out the chords as yet as I am very busy this afternoon. I will have a go later. Jan :D


Hi Jan,
I think your right, as it wouldn't suprize me if even another version was found. But I'm interested now to see what you can come up with chord wise. Even though it wasn't my enquire.


I am looking for the christian gospel album recorded by Brad Mcintyre called “More of Thee” & “God's Love for Me”. I have not been able to find them in the web. I will be thankful if any of you could find these albums and lyrics of the songs as well.


Mountain Laurel on www. by Midnight Flight is kicked off by the mandolin in Key of “F” Capoed at the (3) third fret D chord position for instruments using capos. The progression is F-Bflat-C for the kick off and the first verse and first chorus. The Banjo break begins in Bflat and progresses thru Dsharp and F and at this point the song is played and sung in the key of Bflat thru to the end of the song. vocally you will notice that the guitar player sings the lead to the song in the F portion and the mandolin and bass players sing harmony with more words than the lead singer. then when the key changes, the mandolin player sings lead and the guitar and bass players sing harmony. It is a beautiful song done this way, but it is extremely hard to work out in this manner for a jamming song. I would suggest keeping it in one key only and using the same lead singer through out the song.

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