The ToneWay® Project: helping people play music

Thank you and optimistic.

Thank you for reigniting my hope to play music on the fiddle again AND with people right away. I turned away from music for a long time. I felt embarassed as a 7th grader and now as a woman of 40, I am grateful to have stumbled on your site by accident. A seasoned fiddler told me just last week that the best way to learn to play is with others. I felt intimidated because I felt like I needed to know something right off the bat. Well, I went through your first lesson and I felt hope to rejoin my community in music. AND I've been wanting to learn Shady Grove on fiddle and this has been a starting point for this and many fun times playing music. Thanks again!!!


Hi Irene! This is such wonderful news! We're so happy to hear that you discovered what we are hoping folks will…the simple joy of playing music, in a natural and intuitive way. People like you are what makes what we're doing worth while. Thank you so much for writing and we wish you continued playing and discoveries!

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