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Toneway Core Songs

I recently purchased the ToneWay Core (100 Songs) on CD & I'm pleased to say I believe they would be helpful to anyone, regardless of the instrument or their playing level.

The songs feature a full band (the Abbott Family) which makes it exactly like playing in a jam. The key the song is in is provided so there is no guess work.

I've tried various jam tracks that only feature one or two instruments and then you would play along with whatever instrument you play. Not exactly like a jam in my opinion. I strictly play-by-ear & these CD's have made it easier to learn songs.

So, if you've never jammed but would like to, practicing with these songs would certainly give you the confidence since it's like…playing in a jam.


The Toneway lessons are great.. To learn a new song I follow the “Map” of tones and then do them on Fiddle, Mandolin and Guitar… I find it sinks in faster that way…


They are amasing. Back in the 60's when I started playing you had none of this. People coming to the music these days do no know they are born. Enjoy- Kenneth UK

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