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Breaking Violin Strings

I am trying to tune up my violin and keep breaking the strings. Ive been watching and following youtube videos, but they seem to break before there even close.

It's an inexpensive violin that I bought to see if I could even learn it. I'm sure the strings that came with it are cheap.

Any opinions on new strings or something I could be doing wrong. I am new to all of this stuff.

I've bought the Getting Started Plus and Companion CD. Has not arrived as of yet. Should I just wait for it to arrive before doing anything else.

Of course I would like to have an opinion on some good solid strings to buy. I use Elixir on all my other insturments.

Thanks to everyone,


Where are they breaking?


Cheap strings may be the culprit, or you could be over tuning. I'd suggest you use a tuner app on your phone to tune them to a close (if not correct) standard. Other than that, I'd ask an experienced player to observe how you tune your instrument to give feedback on what you could change as to how you tune.



You can get an APP called PitchLab it's free


Tim, there breaking right at the pegs, I'm tring to get the tuning close, but it breaks before I get there.

Murry I will try that app. Thanks

Craig I bought replacement strings called Super Sensitive Old Fiddler Line. There suppose to be pretty good. If they break I guess I will take it to my local Guitar center. I would then assume its something I'm doing wrong. Thanks


The reason for violin strings breaking,is that you let the strings cross over whilst winding them onto the peg.Make sure that the stings are neatly wound without any cross over,otherwise as you cn imagine ,if
the string winds over another,then when you tighten up that string,it will surely cut through.Voila! broken sting.Hope this helps .


Does anyone know of a good cutting/polishing compound for a violin? I have just cut back and sanded right back to the wood,and recolored the varnish .After I varnished,I ain't satisfied with the finish and feel that it needs a cut/polish to bring it to a nice smooth finish


Bill - did you get your string breaking sorted out?

I have been playing the ukulele of a neighbor and I always tune it for her. So finally I gave her a chromatic tuner and told her I could help her tune it. “I can do it” she said. The next time I saw the ukulele it was very weird.. in tune but out of tune. It took me a while to figure out what she did. She tuned the strings but in the wrong order!

i bet that's not your problem, but there are lots of things that can go wrong. I'd definitely take it a luthier if you haven't already. I've found that you pay slightly more for the strings but you get strings that are a good match for your fiddle and they'll be strung properly.

I've only broken one string in almost 2 years, it was at the fine tuner end. I have no idea what I did wrong but it scared the crap out of me.

Piratso Tonicas are excellent strings for the price.

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