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Help with identifying song about a civil war soldier

I heard a song on the radio that won't leave my head. Its about a civil war soldier who is dying and wants a letter taken to his mother in Birmingham. Also there is something about a lock of hair in a bible that was his sweethearts and she would have made a lovely bride. Something like that. It was very pretty and very sad. Any help would be appreciated. I can find nothing on this song.


I've picked up a Civil War song with your description. It's called, “Brother Green”, sung by southern banjo player (and humorist) Leroy Troy. Here are the words of his version. He can be found on iTunes
(. . and purchased, if you are registered). You might also try Youtube for this performer doing “Brother Green”:

Brother Green (Songs of the Civil War
by Leroy Troy; traditional Ozark Civil War Song . . pro North)

Oh brother Green do come to me
For I am shot and bleeding
And I must die, no more to see
My wife and my dear children

The southern foe has laid me low
On this cold ground to suffer
Dear brother stay, and put me away
And write my wife a letter (banjo)

Tell her I know she’s prayed for me
And now her prayers are answered
That I might be prepared to die
If I should fall in battle

I have one brother in this world
He’s fightin’ for the Union
But, O dear wife, I’ve lost my life
To put down this rebellion (banjo)

My babes I love, no need to tell
Oh! Could I once more see them
That I might give a long “Farewell!”
And meet them all in Heaven.

Hope this helps, Joni.


Check out Claire Lynch doing “Dear Sister” – taken from an Alabama woman's diary, where they found her brothers letters home. It's pretty killer – new, but a tearjerker. Check youtube lyrics version, if you're interested.

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