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Clawhammer Banjo

I was looking for someone to discuss Clawhammer banjo with. I am trying to learn how to play Doug's Tune three finger style, but I was wonderin how you could transfer that to Clawhammer style. I don't know a whole lot about musical terms and such, I just play, so I am sure I sound right dump witted, but I need some help. Thanks!

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Is dougs tune a song ? If so and if you know the melody note all you need to do is play and add bump dittys and maybe so double thumbing and some drop thumbing in between some of the melody notes and turn around's and your in . If your learning clawhammer i would start with learning those first . I got the book parking lot picker for banjo and it's a book of just melody's and like 300 of most poplar bluegrass and gospel song so I pick and clawhammer both ways using this book . The I just throw in rest as filler . Josh Turkett has a very basic and slow paced learning 8 part video on you tube for clawhammer banjo and both hands and print out for tabs also . I can send you a basic one sheet of tabulature on playing the bump ditty -double thumbing and drop thumbing and how it works together so if you can send me a message and figure out how i can to send to you Will send you that . Have fun .
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Hayley, try learning the melody by singing it, playing it note by note. Then add your frailing strokes to the melody. But, above all learn the melody thoroughly ! Music is a step by step process. Taking short cuts to learning will not work. The learning curve looks like a mountain at first. Keep at it and soon the mountain becomes a gentle hill !


Mr. Dotson,
Thank you for your info. I am gonna go try all that has been suggested! Thanks guys!

Cancel This is the song Doug'd Tune for those of you who were wonderin. Gives me chill bumps I love it so much.


Its a nice song I learned it about a year ago, fun to play too.

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