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Lyrics to Ruffles and Buffles

Howdy Y'all,
I have been looking for the lyrics to a song that my Uncle use to love. He recently died from cancer and that song is the only close memories I still have. I remember most of the song, but I can't find the lyrics anywhere. The chords to the song are A and D. Some of the words are as follows: There was a young farmer that lived by the sea, he married a lady……….bring up the children and teach them to knit, while the boys are in the barnyard a shovelin up contents of the barnyard and waterin the grassif you don't like my story then you can kiss my daughter whos down in the faughter a windin her clock…… as you can tell it is a silly old mountain song and it replaces cuss words haha. I truly hope I can find it. I hope that was enough for someone to be able to tell what the harry I'm talkin about.
Thanks ToneWay Family!


Your uncle was a funny man. Those lyrics sound like the “Assumption Song”, which was covered by a well known group (well, known in Canada) group called the Arrogant Worms. You can find a lyrics video at


haha that song is the original version of it, but the Tennessee version ain't quite like that one, but thanks. :)

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