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Thoughts on this video

Howdy ToneWay Family,
I was hoping to get some feedback on this youtube video of me and my old band that was taken back this summer. I am the only girl in the video so I am sure you can tell, but if you can't I am all the way on the far right. This was mostly a sound check, but it is the only video I could find. I want honest opinions. No feelings will be hurt! :)
Happy Thanksgiving,
Hayley R. Poole

P.S. The main guitar that is heard in all the videos is mine, the other two guys only had there guitars to keep rhythm while they were singing. The fellows I was playin with were between the ages of 12 and 15. I was the oldest by far. :)

Edited Nov 26, 2014 by Hayley Poole

Oh and the guy playing the fiddle is my cousin. He has Downs syndrome and he loves Bluegrass. He tries his best. :)


I tried to listen but I can't. I listened to the beginning and then it got really boring with the auction so I fast forwarded to the next song and then I liked the beginning but the sound got so loud and distorted that even with my volume on 1 out of 100 it's too loud so I had to stop.

I applaud your efforts though playing in public like that and you're more advanced there than me so I'd just say to work on getting a good quality recording next time. :)


Thanks Mr. Pub. We had a horrible sound man up there. That was our only videos. And yes the auction was boring lol.


Three dreadnoughts is a lot of guitar. A D-model and a little double- or triple-ought – something high and clear – would be nice. I'd welcome some variation in the sound.
And the lead player should pop, get out front or we'll miss it.
Another instrument would brighten it up. Autoharp? Mouth harp? Dulcimer? Piano even? Floyd Cramer made it work just fine.
I gathered from other posts that you were fronting. Did I miss your vocals?


One further thought – inside, in even semi-controlled spaces, mikes are great. Outdoors, they can pick up more than just the music – wind, weather, dogs, trucks, ambient noise or lack of it –
The right internal pickup on your instrument can make the sound much cleaner, easier to control and reduce the equipment burden.
You have to poke around and decide which one is “right.” Acoustic is always better, I think, but fighting the environment can be frustrating, or impossible.

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