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Bands.. HELP US!!!!!

Happy Holidays!
I was wondering if anybody out there could lend me some help on bands.
I am trying to get a band started and I was wanting some of y'all's thoughts on key points that make a great band.
I was asked to be the lead singer and backup guitar player for a group of bluegrass playing college fellows. Being the only girl in the band, they want me to run it. I need some good ideas on what makes a band special.
Also, I have three band names and we want y'all's votes on which one yall like best.
1- Weeping Willow Ramblers
2- Cover Your Ears
3- Mountain Heartstrings
-Hayley and the (no name band)

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Forgot….Go w name #1….and record yourselves and listen back when you can for the reality check (simple phone app is fine


Number 3 mountain heartstrings is my vote choice . For the group I have the name just came . I started having music jams at my house and advertised it so called my place “The Bluegrass Orphanage ” because it's a place that bluegrass players can come and jam who are just floating around out there and don't have a bluegrass home . So that's was the beginnings of the group I have “The Bluegrass Orphanage” . I also found out the more you put into your group the more you will get out of it . Try playing everywhere you can and you will get known before you know it . It's so super your going for it and young with a life time of music laying ahead for it .
Happy Heartstring !


I started a club at our local senior center that has since become more like a band. We're called the Highland Pickers, which is a double entendre for oranges and ukuleles.
I believe that bands are very organic and evolve constantly. Leadership is key. If the group feels that you have the leadership skills they need, go for it. Please don't take the job by default. There's so much to do from practice to writing set lists to scheduling gigs to monitoring a website to …it helps if you can enjoy the work and the processes. There's lots of both.
It's a blessing to perform and participate in a musical group.
Good luck.


Hayley –
Best bands I've been a part of, everyone was trying to make the other folks sound good. And we all loved the same material.
if you're looking your harmony singer in the eye and it comes together and and you smile at each other, it's working. You look around and the reso guy is looking down and smiling, the fiddler's grinning (and the banjo picker either looks like he suffered a face stroke or he's glaring out from under his eyebrows), those are the folks you want.
By leader, I assume you mean being out front. You can all decide who's going to manage – lead sheets, calendar, booking, and who uses their vehicle, who schlepps the P.A. – Share the worK too, i'd advise.
Otherwise someone's eventually going to say, “I do everything around here, and you never let me (fill in here). Without me, you're (fill in here).”
We had to come up with a name for a festival gig. I'd been waiting a long time to use “Troubled Loners.”
t's up for grabs now, if you want it. But “Heartstrings” is pretty darn nice.


I highly recommend getting a copy of a Mel Bay book called “How to Make a Band Work” by Pete Wernick (banjo player/teacher)

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