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specific cd's

does your company make karaoke cd's for a specific song or songs, or do you know a company who does. interested in some of your songs on karaoke for singing in my church. thank you in advance. joann vicars


Sorry, not us and I have no idea who would. Why not pass the collection plate, buy some tenor ukuleles and develop your own home-grown path. Those inclined could learn the simple and easy ukulele basics, and provide the instrumentation and 'leadership' focal point for everyone else wanting to sing (the uke players would be like a in-the-flesh karaoke) . Check out this book…


Hi Joann,

It would be great if the Abbott's did, but their CDs have small music clips. This website might meet your needs for singing at your church.

On this site, you can download the music, print the lyrics, etc. An area of interest is a section called Video DJ that has the music & words that show as the song is playing.

I hope this helps!


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