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Nice banjos, (post pictures of your favorite banjo) and the story how you got it.

Hello this is my custom Made Miller Banjo, made about 5 years ago I believe, it was ordered in a music shop locally owned, the guy who ordered it did not pat for it so it sat, lonely in the shop until a year later the man who taught me guitar bought it half price, he started to take lessons he said, “it's just not my cup of tea” after I started learning we were practicing one night he said he wanted me to have it. Compared to “°” my eyes were about like this “o” I accepted it and that is how I got my favorite banjo, that I will always keep, and cherish.

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Well my favorite banjo is the only one I have. I made it myself from a kit sold by Backyard Music. It's an “A” scale and the pot is made from a cardboard shipping tube. The neck came with frets installed, I finished it and I did the engraving/wood burning on the head to remind me during hard to play songs, that I should remember to “Enjoy” my journey. I have this banjo because I wanted a cheap way to learn banjo and if things didn't work out….it still looks nice and I made it.


Thats a pretty unique banjo, thanks for posting!

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