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Guitar Picking

What fingers do you pick the pattern with on pg 111, ie. is 6 and 2 the index finger and 3 the ring finger?

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the link for the lesson is
“FF” to 3:35 on the lesson

the question is how does tone way system go from the basic chord progressions to the more complex flat picking style demonstrated
at this point on the lesson



As far as I know, which is a lot less than I used to think… ;-) …

It all arises intuitively from the Picking Pattern. You mostly need the 5 main pentatonic tones (1,2,3,5,6) and then tones 4 or 7 as needed. For modal tunes, 3b and 7b come into play.

The chord progression issue is most important when strumming the chords, e.g., 1 chord, then a 4 chord, then a 5 chord, then back to the 1 chord.

I cover all this in the Toneway Music Method book as clearly as possible. I feel the secret lies in playing with the pattern a lot. That is what both my kids did starting very young. Now, we older folks are usually in a bigger hurry, expect more, and are searching for 'answers'. All of which children are sparred from. They just plug away, the years pass, and Voila… they can play!


Hi Don,

I was able to view that with the link you sent. Here is my answer: Luke was just demonstrating how the many years of playing has allowed his creativeness to become visible with his talent. Carl mentioned it in his answer as well.

The younger musicians pick it up faster and naturally more than those of us older folk. I am not saying that we won't get there, it just takes us a little longer.

Luke was using notes on the fret board. Those are easily learned and using the picking patterns as Carl mentioned, you will need to practice until it becomes second nature.

If you need a visual of the notes on the fret board consider purchasing the book at this website

It is a great reference book. But please stick with the ToneWay method. I hope this helps.


Carl & Dan
thank you for your help
the book just came in today, and I will give the system a try
the timing is just about right I have just picked up an acoustic
a month ago ,so the timing couldn't be better


In the early stages Don, forget systems, just focus on forming basic chord pattens, say, G,C,&D. With those basic three chords and, later on, a capo you can play thousands of tunes, hey, Bob Dylan managed. Work with a basic strum patten, um chinga, um chinga, then, maybe start to add extra chords, maybe an A, Am, E, E7,D7 still um chinga, umchinga, and then start to pick out alternating bass notes with your pick, or flatpick, to use the known term, there are plenty of practice tunes on this site and then you could consider buying what I believe is the finest guitar tutor available

Keep in touch, i fI can help further please contact me, but it isn't rocket science, just basic pratice, enjoy Don

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