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Book Registration Problem

I have tried to register my Ukulele Method book but your interface is not accepting my answer from the page you asked for the final word there. As you will know both the last word in the main text is one letter. Also if you mean the box off, there is only one letter appropriate there as well. If you mean the final word in the footer that is not being accepted either, it is very confusing.

Had I not already registered two other books I would have been locked out of this registered users area, short of getting appropriate help from yourselves.

I don't know if the problem arises because the edition being printed here in the UK by Amazon may be an older edition where the page numbers may have been changed or what the problem is.

I thought I would let you know of this problem so that nobody runs into a similar problem in due course.

Best wishes and thanks


Hi Alan,
Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I think I just didn't update the website after the latest update to the book. I will look into it and fix the error for future people.


For the record, this issue has been fixed. :-)

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