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I am curious

I am curious about your system. I am trying to learn to play banjo. I came across your system and books. However, as I was going through your song list I was disappointed to learn that you don't have the big 4. The big 4 in my opinion are tunes that are almost “required” for a banjo player. Cripple Creek, Dueling Banjos, Foggy Mountain Breakdown, and Rocky Top. The last one is very important as I live in Tennessee and any Vols fan that wants to learn banjo had better learn that one. There are even a few others that could be put on that list too. Why are these not in your instructions for learning banjo?

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Placed my order. Thanks.


Hi Terry, The Gospel Book is just a songbook, but with the 'Nashville chords' and high/low tones. The ToneWay Method just focuses on ramping you up to play by ear.

Two choices: one “Family Tradition” one just has 370 songs, but in small print–good for reference.

By the way, I'll keep the song, “How Great Thou Art”, in mind for the next edition, although time being what it is, who know when that will be.


Good day Terry,

I read the chain of posts and several people has written in support of how ToneWay teaches and the choice of music they used to teach with. I, for one appreciate all that they developed. But, as much as they try, they cannot provide everything that everybody would like. This is what is so great about this forum, we can help each other. I use this site to “song hunt.” It is There is a variety of different types of music on there. I hope you will find it interesting and helpful.



Thank you Danny Webb!


Thanks Danny.

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