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I, as of now, do not play an instrument.

In the past, I played the Mountain Dulcimer, but not for some time. I plan on getting back intyo it soon, I hope.


I don't know how far you are from Lancaster, PA, but there is an event sponsored by the Dulcimer Players of Lancaster called the Dutchland Dulcimer Gathering, July 8 and 9, 2016. Workshops are given by some great Dulcimer teacher/performers - Bing Futch, David Haas, Susan Trump. Info on Internet.


Hi John,
If you want to continue with dulcimer, I would suggest jumping into a dulcimer community somewhere. Following the Abbott Family's great philosophy on this site, immerse yourself in listening and being around other players. Traditional music is best learned in a communal setting (with tons of individual practice!). The Abbott's are remarkable with bluegrass music - of course, the Holy Grail of instruments being guitar, banjo, fiddle, mandolin, dobro, bass, etc.

Dulcimer isn't considered a standard bluegrass instrument, though we can play some bluegrass music depending on our familiarity with how to get to different keys, using a capo, using different tunings, etc.

You have many opportunities in your state (at least 20 dulcimer clubs) and in nearby Ohio. For resources that would be close to you, you could contact the Allegheny Dulcimer Club in Pittsburgh (Dorothy - 412/371-7828). Though a bit farther from you, the Lancaster Club is great (Hi Oliver and all!). Festivals are wonderful immersion. You are not too far from Elkins, WV - check out the Augusta Heritage Center at Davis & Elkins College week-long dulcimer festival

Other resources to connect with players are websites - Friends of the Mountain Dulcimer ( and For motivation, some tab, sound files, feel free to check out

Just for fun, here is a unique way to combine bluegrass and dulcimer “dulcimer banjo” - who would've thunk?! :


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