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Ukulele strum

In your getting started videos Luke demonstrates the ukulele strum, but it differs from the basic ukulele strum in the ukulele/guitalele method book. Luke is strumming with downstrokes and in the book it shows a down strum and a brush up. I've watched Leslie's strum video as well and she is using the down and brush up method.

Are the two methods considered different strums? Leslie's being the basic strum and Luke's something else?

Which would be the preferred method? I've been using Luke's method because it seems easier for me, but I don't know how that will work when moving forward with more advanced strumming styles.

Thank you so much for any clarification that you can provide.

Edited Jun 12, 2016 by Deborah Schauer

Hi Deborah!
I am just in the process of re-doing my first video that has the strums. What Luke and I are doing is the boom chop strum. You hit the top strings and then come down again on all of them. Luke is using three curled fingers and I am using my thumb. There is no “right” way. Yes…do whatever you prefer.

I am, almost as we speak, redoing the beginning strum in my new video and it should be up very soon. We want to make it simpler for those having trouble. I am starting with “down, down, down, down” with the thumb or nail of index finger. Then I show “down, up, down, up”. I will show using all the fingers like Luke is doing.

But really…in time your strum will come naturally to you. We show these to get you going but it's by no means what you “should” do. Experiment.

Thank you for your question. And thank you for watching the videos! I wish you were closer so you could come to the jams at my house. Do you have people to play with?

Best, Leslie


Thanks so much Leslie. I'll keep an eye out for the new video. I've been playing for a year or so, but solo chord melody style, so strumming wasn't used that much. I read music and tabs, but your toneway method seems much more natural to me and is just plain fun.

I've was contacted by a forum member who gave me information about a monthly Uke jam, but it's a fair trek from my place. The jams I've found so far take place in bars or inns, and that's not really my style. My husband is an aspiring guitar player and is encouraging me to join in with him. I think it could be a lot of fun.

Thanks again for the advice, I'll focus less on strumming the “right” way and just get on with it.


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