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To the family about new Books

I posted a subject in the forum yesterday but I did not get a response. I have an old book and I needed your opinion if I needed a new book and if so which one .

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Is that your answer to make fun of someone?


Would the Get Started Plus book be of valuable to me. Is it easier to understand?

Hi Sam, That is largely in the eye of the beholder. Some would find it easier, others maybe not. Have you watched the workshop assets yet? See,

These videos should make learning the beginning steps easier that either book… at least that is our hope, and they are free! The UKULELE videos lay things out the most step by step. If you play guitar, simply follow along playing on the top four strings, leaving the two large bass strings alone.

Or get ukulele. That can be useful for a beginner having a lot of trouble with another string instrument. Then, once you know the ToneWay Method, you can switch over to any instrument you want.


Hi Sam, If you happen to use the ukulele videos with a guitar, you would just put a capo at the 5th fret.
Best, Leslie


I have a brand new Washburn ukelele that's never been played. How do I know if it is a baritone or a tenor? I also have tuner for it. Thanks.


Ask a music store, and if it is a tenor with a high G string, be sure to buy a low G string!

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