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Guitalele lessons

Will you have any more tutorials for Guitalele? Just got talked into this instead of a guitar because I wanted something smaller but not too small, but then there are literally minimal teachings on it. I bought the ukulele book you have and it definitely got me started, but the videos made so much more sense. Can you post some Guitalele sessions?

Many Thanks


MsNancy-You might find a small Classical Guitar more to your liking than a Steel String Guitar.They use Nylon strings-much easier on the fingers.Ukeleles are fun.


I have no experience with this instrument but the tuning seems to be the same as a guitar capoed at the 5th fret. So begin by learning how to fret the various chord combinations to get to the keys you want. For example, you can play in the key of C using G form chord fingering– G for the C chord, C for the F chord and D for the G chord (typical 3 chord country pattern). Once you are comfortable with this transposition arrangement, you can treat this just like a guitar for learning purposes and play in any key you chose and use guitar lesson books. The only other differences seem to be the nylon strings and flat fret board typical of classical guitars. Just get a classical capo. If you finger pick, the nylon strings are a lot easier to fret. Hope this makes sense and is helpful.


Hi Nancy,

One thing you might do is go through the ukulele course using your guitalele (which is like the tenor ukulele but with two extra strings). You would just use the top 4 strings (G,C, E and A)— Carl says you could even taking off the bottom two strings to keep it straightforward.

Then, when you have fully completed those lessons, you use the bottom (closest to your chin) two strings (A and D). Then, learn the chords (means adding the bottom two strings), and using the picking pattern for the guitalele instead to pick melody. With the guitalele, you would have a choice of using the standard tenor uke patterns, or the guitalele ones. The latter offers considerable more options.

Let me know what you think.

Best wishes, Leslie and Carl Abbott


Thanks so much! I am just starting out and working through the book on the ukulele part right now. Haven't got to the capo part. Thanks for the picking tip as well, will slowly chip away at it.

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