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Any tenor guitar players out there?

Hello everyone.

New year, new challenge. I have been playing ukulele a while and I enjoy playing with other musicians, but my poor little uke gets drowned out whenever I play with anything louder. And there are a couple of players who seem to look down on the ukulele.

I taught myself guitar for a while last year, but it's not my thing really. What I really want to do is learn the tenor guitar. There are three reasons:

  1. It's a bit louder, so not drowned out by other instruments.
  2. Tuned in fifths, so I have access to some interesting chord voicings. It adds a lovely texture to other guitars.
  3. Not so “jangly” as a mandolin.

Are there any other players out there? I'd love to hear your thoughts, tips, advice etc.

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Hi, I just bought a tenor banjo this weekend. My hope is to learn “Irish Banjo” but there are some other types of music to be learned as well.

I subscribe to this very interesting site for 4 string banjo. He is otherwise known as “the really nice man” or his web site is, His YouTube videos are at this following link.

I have been going to lessons for bluegrass for 2 ½ years but my teacher really enjoys Irish guitar and banjo and mandolin. He is from Prince Edward Island and has managed to peak my interest enough to find this “beater” banjo and give it a try. But here's another site you might find interesting Lots of songs and tabs and chord charts and really great information.

Have fun, Berta

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