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Strumming Pattern

I am new to all of this and learning more every day but I had a question on strumming patterns.

What is the normal patterns usually used in these songs? I am learning “Adieu to Cold Weather” what is a good strumming pattern? It is a fast song for me. I am using a Baritone Ukulele. Thanks.


Traditional Bluegrass uses the “boom/chuck”…. which is base note/strum (pick/strum) pattern……The first base note should be the string that is the key of the chord… ie ..G for the G chord..l nest pick note would be the D ….alternating bass notes ..usually found on the upper three strings for the guitar… not sure on the use

Good Luck and have FUN


Yes- first step in learning Bluegrass is to get good at playing basic chord progressions with the boom chuck sound. You play the 1 note in the chord on downbeat of beat 1, and you play the 5 chord on the downbeat of beat 3.

So it’s like this:
1) beat 1: play single note the 1 of whatever chord you are in (this is the boom)
2) beat 2: strum the notes of the chord
3) beat 3: play single note 5 of whatever chord you are in
4) beat 4: strum the chord

For a typical I, IV, V chord progression G, C, D you would play for the G:
play the 6th string on beat 1 and the 4th string on beat 3.

For a C:
Play the 5th string on beat 1. Here, I was taught to play a different fingering for C chord, where you fret a typical C chord, but change fingers so you also can fret the 6th string at fret 3 (makes the 6th string a G note, which is the 5th note in a C chord). So on beat 3, play this G on the 6th string. This one takes a little practice. Beats 2 and 4 you strum the chord.

For a D, play the 4th string on beat 1 (A D which is the I note of the chord. For beat 3, play the 5th string open, which is an A note. The A note is the 5 of the Chord. Beats 2 and 4 you strum the chord.

Hope this helps! If you can find a group near you and join in a group playing, this really helps.

If you can reliably and consistently play this style, you can play in a group. I thought I had it down…til I tried singing and playing! That takes a little more practice but in 1-3 months you can have the basics down and enjoy playing in groups for a lifetime!

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Thanks, everyone for the replies. Looks like I have a lot more to learn and more practice needed. Cheers


Update…I have been trying different patterns and if I am not sure of the pattern I start with the Boom/Chuck. I am playing a Baritone Ukulele and just pick the top string or the D on the first beat, strum on the second and the third I just do the top or D string again and then strum on the 4th beat. Slowly I am getting there.

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