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Songs in the Guitalele Songbook.

I am interested in the Songbook you have produced for Guitalele and cannot find a list of the songs that are included, I saw a list produced for another book, but only want to purchase the book if there are some songs we know, I looked at table of contents on Amazon and also on this website and could not find names of the songs in the book, Hoping someone can help me with this. We are older and just really want to play and sing some of the songs we know with the Guitalele. Thanks in advance for responding.


The first list are the 36 or so songs in
The ToneWay® Music Method - Ukulele and Guitalele

The second list are the 100 songs in
The ToneWay® Music Method - Ukulele and Guitalele Songbook

29 All the Good T imes are Past and Gone
29 Banks of the Ohio
30 Black-Eyed Susie
30 Bury Me Beneath the Willow
31 Columbus Stockade Blues
31 Corrina
32 Craw dad Song
32 Down in the Valley
33 Don’t T his Road Look Rough and Rocky
33 East Virginia
34 Give Me the Roses
34 Handsome Molly
35 Hot Corn, Cold Corn
35 In the Pines
36 Late Last Night
36 Lonesome Road Blues
37 Lonesome Valley
37 Long Journey Home
38 Meet Me by the Moonlight
38 My Home’s Across the Blue Ridge Mts.
39 New River T rain
39 Nine Pound Hammer
40 Oh Susanna
40 Rabit in the Log
41 Reuben’s T rain
41 Roll in My Sweet Baby’s Arms
42 Roving Gambler
42 Sad and Lonesome Day
43 Shady Grove
43 She’ll Be Comin’ ‘Round the Mountain
44 Short Life of T rouble
44 Sittin’ on T op of the World
45 Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
45 Take this Hammer
46 Water Bound
46 Worried Man Blues

The ToneWay® Music Method
Ukulele and Guitalele

All the Good Times are Past and Gone 1
Angel Band 2
Are You Tired of Me My Darling 3
Banjo Picking Girl 4
Banks of the Ohio 5
Black-Eyed Susie 6
Bring Back My Blue Eyed Boy to Me 7
Bring Back to Me My Wandering Boy 8
Bury Me Beneath the Willow 9
Cindy 10
Columbus Stockade Blues 11
Corrina 12
Cowboy Jack 13
Crawdad Song 14
Darling Cory 15
Darling Nelly Gray 16
Don’t Let Your Deal Go Down 17
Don’t This Road Look Rough and Rocky 18
Down Among the Budded Roses 19
Down in the Valley 20
Down in the Willow Garden 21
Dream of a Miner’s Child 22
Drifting Too Far from the Shore 23
East Virginia 24
Fair and Tender Ladies 25
Girl I Loved in Sunny Tennessee 26
Give Me the Roses 27
Going to Georgia 28
Ground Hog 29
Handsome Molly 30
Hard Times Come Again No More 31
Hold Fast to the Right 32
Hold to God’s Unchanging Hand 33
Hot Corn, Cold Corn 34
I Am a Pilgrim 35
I Never Will Marry 36
In the Pines 37
Jesse James 38
John Hardy 39
John Henry 40
Johnson Boys 41
Just Over in the Glory Land 42
Late Last Night 43
Leaning on the Everlasting Arms 44
Life’s Railway to Heaven 45
Little Bessie 46
Little Birdie 47
Little Log Cabin in the Lane 48
Little Maggie 49
Lonesome Road Blues 50
Lonesome Valley 51
Long Journey Home 52
Lord I’m Coming Home 53
Man of Constant Sorrow 54
May I Sleep in Your Barn Tonight 55
Meet Me by the Moonlight 56
Midnight on the Stormy Deep 57
Molly and Tenbrooks 58
More Pretty Girls Than One 59
My Home’s Across the Blue Ridge Mts. 60
My Native Home 61
New River Train 62
Nine Pound Hammer 63
Oh Susanna 64
Oh Those Tombs 65
Old Joe Clark 66
On Top of Old Smoky 67
Palms of Victory 68
Pass Me Not 69
Paul and Silas 70
Precious Memories 71
Pretty Polly 7Rabbit in the Log 73
Rain and Snow 74
Red Rocking Chair 75
Reuben’s Train 76
Rocky Island 77
Roll in My Sweet Baby’s Arms 78
Roving Gambler 79
Rye Whiskey 80
Sad and Lonesome Day 81
Sally Ann 82
Shady Grove 83
She’ll Be Comin’ ‘Round the Mountain 84
Short Life of Trouble 85
Sittin’ on Top of the World 86
Standing in the Need of Prayer 87
Stepstone 88
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot 89
Take this Hammer 90
This World Is Not My Home 91
Water Bound 92
Waves on the Sea 93
When the Bees Are in the Hive 94
Where the Soul of Man Never Dies 95
Who Will Sing for Me 96
Wild Bill Jones 97
Will You Miss Me 98
Working on a Building 99
Worried Man Blues 100


Does your new ukulele song book have The melody instructions or the chord numbering system only?


Both ukulele book have extensive instructions on playing melody by ear as well as the chords. Open tuning section is especially useful for uke. In fact, I find open tuning to be so much more versatile than the standard 'all dogs have flees' tuning.

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